Ultra HID Kit (35W and 55W)

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The ballasts have been improved to require less current on startup to protect the factory wiring and to extend the life of the bulb by not forcing too much power to it at once. Ballasts can also provide constant power to older bulbs which require more voltage to ignite. Output frequency is 250HZ, reducing the chances for electronic feedback which can cause humming in improperly grounded audio systems. Ballasts are more likely to work on vehicles with a Canbus system without additional accessories when compared to the DDM
standardslim HID kit but still may require additional accessories for some vehicles. These ballasts are virtually bulletproof and are designed to last 10-15 years.

Our Premium Ultra HID bulbs are quite simply the best. Modeled after the Osram CBI line of performance bulbs we've sourced
quartz glass from Philips, salts from APL USA and electrodes from Plansee in Austria.. On top of this we've redesigned the capsule to produce up to 20% more light than the standard Apexcone HID bulbs which are already an industry leading bulb. The quartz glass is optically clear with a UV coating to protect the lamps from UV radiation. The warm up time on the Ultra bulbs is about 20% quicker than Apexcone bulbs and will reach full brightness in 10-15 seconds.

Manufactured in a state of the art facility using automated processes we guarantee perfect alignment of the xenon capsule for the best beam pattern possible.

Output up to 3400 Lumens when used on a 35W ballast and 5000 Lumens on a 55W ballast you're sure to be seen.

As always our HID kits come with a lifetime warranty.

Kit Includes:
2 x Ultra HID Ballasts
2 x Ultra HID Bulbs

35W 9-16V
55W 9-32V

Note: This is a non-Canbus HID kit. If your vehicle requires Canbus system,you would need to use a Canbus 35W HID kit instead, to prevent/address any compatibility issue.


1)H11 bulb, Straight base / 90 Degree Angle base
Our H11 bulb is of straight base. However, it's an universal bulb, which fits both applications.

2) H7A /H7B Universal bulb
Our older Ultra H7 bulb inventory is H7A. However, our newer H7 bulb inventory has switched to H7A/H7B universal replacement!

3)- Lexus Fog Lights (2013 up)
- Nissan Fog Lights (2016 up)
- Subaru Fog Lights (2013 up)
- Toyota Fog Lights (2013 up)

- For those vehicles mentioned above, fog light bulbs marked with the following: "H16" "12V 19W" "64219L " This is a 19W halogen bulb that has a very similar base to the H11. Do not use HID's in these applications, the housings are made of a soft plastic and may melt with 35W HID kits. Please check the bulbs before ordering. Using an H11 LED bulb is recommended.

APPLICATION NOTICE:HID bulbs are legal for use in the United States for Fog light only, and in unregistered off road vehicles, such as ATV, snowmobile, and off-road racing use. Not Compliant with DOT/FMVSS108 and not street legal in the USA for Headlights. International legality varies by country. Note: This usage regulation is not unique to DDM Tuning bulbs. All LED bulbs from all brands, regardless of marketing claims, are prohibited from street use in halogen headlights in the USA.

Sylvania.com Bulb Lookup Guide Here(Note: We can't guarantee the accuracy of this guide, it is best to check your owners manual or physically remove your existing bulb)

Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles that have common issues with HID/LED

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Product Reviews

I have ordered and installed the 5500K Ultra HID Kit H13 with High/Low on a 2011 Ford Flex. I must say that it fits perfectly and the light output is perfect with no adjustments needed on the vehicle's headlights. It wasn't overly difficult to install but on a Flex with a wide engine bay, I had to be creative with the layout of the wiring harness due to its length. Still, 5 stars in my opinion.

I installed the 55w 6500k in a 2016 F-350 headlight housing the install was quick and easy! The kits fit and finish are really nice! I'm super happy with this kit. I just ordered my fog light DDM ultra hid kit, can't wait to get them installed!

Just installed the 35w 5500k kit on my 04 Nissan Armada and they are 10x better than the sylvania zxe's I had on the car. I can actually tell that my lights are on when im driving on main roads with plenty of light.I was sometimes unsure if my lights were on The lights are bright but im glad that theyre not blinding in the reflector housings I put them in. The 5500k is pretty blue when they first turn on but quickly then turns into a nice bright white color with the slightest hint of blue. Ive only had these on for 24 hours so I will have to see the durability of these HID's. If you are installing these on a Nissan Armada keep in mind reverse polarity!!! One of my lights didnt turn on until i switched the sides of the connections i thought i had a bad bulb and ddm's customer service was great they were ready to give me a replacement until i fixed thr problem I hope this review helped

Oh my goodness! Super bright and easy to install. Customer service is second to non! Thumbs up Ddm tuning:-

My boyfriend installed these on my car about 2 months ago and they are very bright. I can see much better at night now.

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