DDM Tuning Bi-LED Projectors, Non Destructive Installation, 2.5in, Pair


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The Deep Dive into DDM Tunings Bi-LED Projector Innovation!

Introducing DDM 2.5" LED Projectors, the ultimate choice for automotive enthusiasts seeking unparalleled performance and reliability on the road. While HID projectors have long dominated the market with their powerful output and proven technology, Bi-LED Projectors have emerged as a formidable contender, revolutionizing the game with their unique advantages and cutting-edge design.

One of the standout benefits of Bi-LED Projectors is their simplified installation process. With fewer components required, installing DDM Bi-LED Projectors is a breeze compared to the complex wiring harnesses associated with HID projectors. Say goodbye to tedious installations and hello to hassle-free upgrades that get you on the road in no time. But that's not all. DDM Bi-LED Projectors draw less power, ensuring efficient energy consumption while maintaining exceptional performance. This results in a significantly longer design life compared to HID projectors, providing you with peace of mind and longevity that goes the extra mile.

Gone are the days of bulb replacements and ballast failures on the side of the road. DDM Bi-LED Projectors are built to last, featuring a completely sealed unit that eliminates the need for bulb changes. This means you can focus on enjoying your driving experience without worrying about sudden lighting failures.

In the performance department, DDM Bi-LED Projectors have truly surpassed HID projectors. With advancements in Bi-LED technology, the light output of our projectors is on par, if not superior, to HID projectors. Our precisely designed beam pattern ensures optimal visibility, offering a significant improvement over other 35W Bi-LED projectors in the market. In fact, our Bi-LED projectors even outperform many 50W Bi-LED alternatives, proving that DDM Tuning is at the forefront of lighting innovation.

When it comes to installation, DDM Tuning goes above and beyond to provide a non-destructive solution. Our 2.5" Bi-LED projectors are meticulously designed with a threaded shaft, allowing them to be seamlessly bolted onto most applications without the need for cutting or damaging your factory reflector headlight housing. Experience the convenience and versatility of DDM Tuning, where performance meets ease of use.

While both HID and LED projectors have their advantages, DDM Bi-LED Projectors offer a superior balance of performance, reliability, and ease of installation. Comparable in price to their HID counterparts, our projectors deliver exceptional visibility, ensuring your safety and comfort during night drives or long-distance journeys.

Upgrade your lighting game and unleash the true potential of your vehicle with DDM Bi-LED Projectors. Join the ranks of automotive enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best in performance and reliability. Trust DDM Tuning to illuminate your path with unrivaled clarity and style.


LED Chip: 3570

Low beam: 38W

High beam: 46W

Voltage: 10-15V

Color: 5500K

Lumen: 20,000

Temperature:40- 85

Waterproof: IP67

Lifespan: 50,000hr

Warranty: 1-Year

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